SATI believes in the circular economy, a model of production and consumption involving sharing, lending, reusing, repairing, reconditioning and recycling of materials. Our products are designed for durability and recover material suspended in fluids that can be reused.

The principles of the circular economy contrast with the traditional linear economic model, which is based instead on the typical “extract, produce, use and throw away” pattern. The traditional economic model depends on the availability of large quantities of readily available and cheap materials and energy and does not take into account the depletion of nature.

SATI also takes measures against the planned obsolescence of products, a strategy peculiar to the linear economic model, by testing products in the research and development laboratory, so as to have certainty about the useful life of components. This study leads to knowing the limits of materials and components so that we can have a product that is durable and 100 percent efficient.

In this way the life cycle of products is extended, contributing to reduce waste to a minimum. Once the product has completed its function, the materials from which it is made are in fact reintroduced into the economic cycle wherever possible. Thus they can be continuously reused within the production cycle generating additional value.


Sati decided to invest in bringing emissions to zero. To achieve this, it initially made an investment, replacing the heating system for the production area with a state-of-the-art VRF heating and air conditioning system that is in the highest end of the market in terms of features and performance.

This system has enabled the company to: no longer use natural gas, take advantage of 100% electrically powered heating and cooling, and reduce atmospheric emissions to zero for room air conditioning.

He later made improvements throughout the office area as well, putting in heat pump air conditioners and adding a solar thermodynamic system to produce domestic hot water for the bathrooms.

Sati has completed the efficiency process thanks to the ENERGY FUND of the Emilia Romagna region, with a financing of € 200,345.00 of which a share of private funding and a share of public funding Energy Fund in addition to a grant for technical expenses, with which it was able to realize the completion of efficiency works as:

the disposal of asbestos, the construction of a new sandwich panel roof, the construction of the 70 kWp photovoltaic system with performance optimizers, and the installation of a 60 kWp state-of-the-art electricity storage system for nighttime consumption. The plant will enable the production of more than 85,000 kWh per year with a self-consumption rate of more than 95 percent of total production.


Through measures such as waste reductionand reuse of materials (ecodesign), SATI aims for energy savings and a reduction in total annual greenhouse gas emissions. Currently, the production of the materials we use every day is responsible for 45 percent of CO2 emissions.

The transition to a more circular economy can bring numerous benefits, including:

Reducing pressure on the environment
More security about the availability of raw materials
Increased competitiveness by reducing energy costs
Impetus for innovation and economic growth
Sati and the circular economy
Evoluzione continua per la salvaguardia dell'ambiente

SATI presented the action plan for a new circular economy aiming for more sustainable products, waste reduction through the study of “zero emission” design. This study occupied the R&D department throughout the year 2020.


Begin experimenting with producing a portion of 3D printed products so as to cut down on waste and waste for manufacturing. The expectation is to use this method for all components of our products.


Installation of the 70 KWh photovoltaic system in our production center so as to complete another step in achieving sustainability in filter production.


Sati completed the efficiency process thanks to the Energy Fund of the Emilia Romagna region, and is a flagship not only as a zero-emissions company, but also as a working comfort for its employees.

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