Research & Development

The SATI company has always invested in the study of new technologies and principles to improve and optimize products.
In its 40-year history, SATI owns active patents and new patent applications. Present patents have always been marked on automatic cleaning systems or newly developed principles for filtering and cleaning of filter nets.

The R&D department over the past 5 years has focused on developing and improving technologies for product cleaning systems. This was accomplished through the use of FLOEFD fluid dynamics software and the use of the test stand to guarantee and attest the analysis data. The test bench is divided into two lines: a clean water line and a specific line where dirty water is to be simulated by introducing pollutant material into the system.

This was done in order to have confirmation that the studies made by computational simulation using the fluid dynamics calculation program FLOEFD are true and confirm the analyses made. The R&D department also has been equipped with three 3D printers so that all relevant prototypes can be made.


After three years of R&D on self-cleaning products, three new patents inherent in all of SATI’s proprietary automatic filter cleaning units have been filed. From November 2023, filters with the new type of washing will be supplied with these characteristics:

minimum flushing pressure uniformed to 2 bar
maintenance operations are improved and speeded up
new motion system for the VTO system
New patented studies

Filters created with V-FILTER technology are filters composed of a conveyor and a flow separator, thanks to which particles of a known nature with a higher specific gravity than the fluid are hoped for, thus keeping the cartridge clean at all times. The conveyor is designed to create internal flows within the filter network so that it has two functions:

Separating solid charges heavier than water
Convey the fluid parallel to the filter net, so as to keep it clean at all times
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